It’s December! (Really?!?)

It came up so quickly that I actually didn’t even realize it was starting yesterday! Hence, we are a day late…

We are officially into the holiday craze. I can’t even believe that in less than 31 days, 2012 will be over. How did that happen??? November was a good month but it seemed to go by in a flash. Let’s recap…

Stef and Matt got married. And yes, that’s a fire truck. We’ve now had two consecutive weddings set off the fire alarm. Nothing like evacuating the entire hotel!

Stef and Matt

We had a little girls day out. You can read more about that adventure here.



This is the prep the night before…


And this is the result…Chuck 2.0! We eat well around here.


I also had Thanksgiving at home which included our annual tradition of  the Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo. And of course, plenty of decorating for the holidays!

Things to look forward to in December…

– Plenty more Peppermint Mocha dates with good friends
– So much food! We have three holidays parties just at work alone. So much celebrating.
– Two weeks of holiday break. You heard that right. Such a blessing at my job.
– Momma comes to visit for Christmas!
– Zoo lights, The Nutcracker, baking days…just so much good time with good people.

What about you? What is your favorite part of December?

It’s November!

Happy November 1!  Can you believe it’s here already? The countdown to the holidays is beginning and, per usual, I’m nowhere near ready for it. But, as it’s still fall, there are many more fun adventures to go on! Let’s take a little look back at October…

These guys got married (and I got to be a part of it)

Photo from Kim Morales

I saw this guy in concert (one of my FAVORITES)

Had a beautiful lunch break here on one of my final days of travel

We had some pretty intense pumpkin carving

We dressed up like this for Halloween

Photo from Lindsey Sherwood

And like this…

Things I’m looking forward to in November:

– PEPPERMINT MOCHAS. Find out why here. More on this soon.
– Another wedding for great friends.
– The start of the holiday season (decorating, baking, traditions, all of it!)

How is your fall going so far?

The Mom Bag.

If you’re in your twenties, there’s one party you’re probably very familiar with attending. The bridal party.

We have a pretty solid Team Bridesmaid among our group of friends. In fact, we’re almost professional at this point. As I prep for another wedding weekend, I found myself packing what has become one of my signature accessories.

The mom bag.

That’s right, the survival kit. The bag full of fixes for “oh no” and “ouch” and my personal favorite, “damnit.”

So I thought I’d share my packing list with you and see if you have any additions. Hopefully it comes in handy the next time you find yourself heading to the chapel!

1. Personal Care
Bandaids – For cuts or really uncomfortable shoes.

Cuticle scissors
Nail file
Floss – You can use it to clean your teeth and cut the cake (seriously, amazing trick.)
Fingernail clippers
Clear nail polish – Saves everything from chipped nails to runs in pantyhose.

2. Wardrobe Malfunctions (no one likes those)
White chalk – secret trick: white chalk will cover up dirt spots or smudges on a wedding dress!
Straight pins
Safety pins
Thread (white, ivory and the bridesmaid dress color)
Dress tape – Ladies…if you haven’t discovered the magic of dress tape yet, do so. I swear by it. Holds everything where it should be.
Static Guard – Thanks to my friend Shan, I love this stuff.

3. Emergency supplies
Super glue
Packing tape (usually I would say duct tape but I don’t have any)
If you can’t fix and emergency with these two things, you’re in trouble.

4. Nutrients
Water bottle
Snacks (I literally only have these protein bars and a bag of airplane peanuts in my cupboard…travel season has won this round.) – Make sure you have something on hand in case somebody gets sick or light headed. Also, make sure your bride eats!

5. Randoms
Notebook paper


Items I added later that I forgot in the photo: Hairspray, extra bobby pins, nail polish remover

Happy wedding-ing, friends! Don’t forget the important things like your shoes, dress and a smile! Do you have any additions or extra tips and tricks?