Gratituesdays: Friday Night.

Last Friday night I was sitting at home (very social of me, right?) annoyed that I was, well, at home. I was mad that there were things I wanted to go do but no one was free to go with me. And I was watching a movie that to be honest, I now can’t even remember.

And then I got a text from Breena. We potentially had plans but she never got back to me so I assumed it didn’t work with her schedule. Her text was an apology, she had gone to the ER again with her little boy, Ezekial, who has been making this trip a lot lately. You can read more about that on her blog, and her husband Andy’s blog.

Anyway, I asked her if she needed any help and her response was yes. She was at the hospital and she didn’t have a car, so Andy was going to wake their three other kids up in order to go get her. Wait, what? My exact response was “that’s silly.” Of course it would be a million times easier for me to make the trip…not to mention I really needed a purpose in my night, so off I went!

When I got to the hospital, Breena thought they were almost done, so I opted to sit outside (it was a beautiful night!) instead of going through the full security protocol (where I would still be sitting in the waiting room by myself anyway.) Buuuutt, an hour later, I was still sitting there. Breena kept texting me apologies and I assured her it was not a problem at all. I was literally having a blast sitting outside enjoying the night, listening to a nearby high school football game (which is one of my FAVORITE things about fall!) and talking about the weather with my new friend Tom (we shared a bench while his family was getting the car.)

My gratitude comes from the entire situation. Obviously, I’m not grateful Zeke continues to have to be rushed to the ER; but I am SO THANKFUL for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. What an incredible place right in our backyard. But more than anything, I’m thankful for God’s reminder that though I was feeling very alone, He needed me right there. And He gave me some time to enjoy the situation and remind me that He love me above anything else.

And then I got to dance in the car with Zeke on the way home 🙂

What are you grateful for this week, friends?

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Gratituesdays: My Mom.

A couple of hours ago I got this text…

While I’m at work, my mom is *happily* at my house painting my kitchen. And making drapes. And probably napping with my cat or planning the next 10 projects we should work on.

How did I get so lucky? So lucky to be blessed with someone who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. Who is infinitely patient while I freak out and throw a tantrum (yes, this was our last night…) And who never gives up on me.

So thankful today (and everyday.)

That’s true love, friends. True love.

How’s your Tuesday??

Gratituesdays: Sara.

It’s true. She has stolen my heart.

Maybe that’s a little melodramatic. But, really, have you ever just listened to a song and said to yourself, “If I could compose music, that’s what it would sound like.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Sara Bareilles. My musical soul mate. My inner rock star. I kid you not, listening to her albums will give you fairly good insight to my inner dialogue. It’s almost creepy.

And she released a new EP today…trust me and listen. It even has a parental advisory, which I have to admit, makes me love her sassiness even more.

In the little moments of life, I’m unbelievably grateful that she’s articulated many of my emotions. Because sometimes you just need to get in your car, drive around and bawl your eyes out to some great music (come on, I know I’m not the only one who does this…)

And of course, I had to share my all-time-favorite version of my favorite song…enjoy!


What are you grateful for this week?

Gratituesdays: Reminder.

I’ve had kind of a rough past week and, admittedly, gratitude was not always in the front of my mind. But then I found this little phrase that reminded me of the exact inspiration what started the Gratituesday posts.

So as a reminder to myself, this week I’m focusing on being thankful for all that I have and not being frustrated for what I feel I’m lacking. Because in my heart of hearts, I believe in God’s perfect plan and timing (even if it is UBER-frustrating to be patient for that.) And there is nothing else I could ever want more than His unending love.

How are your Gratituesdays going?

Gratituesdays: My Students.

Without a doubt, my favorite part of my job. They remind me of what all the hard work is about. They teach me new things constantly. They make me proud. They challenge me to be a better mentor and a better leader. And without question, they make me laugh and make me smile.

I work in higher education because I believe college is the most important four years of your life. It’s your chance to discover life, to change, to make mistakes, to gain a vast amount of knowledge through experience, and to grow up in ways you never thought you would.

I love living life with “my kids” as I sometimes call them. Cheering with them about good news, and crying with them over devastation.  They keep me on my toes to be a strong role model, a position I gladly accept, because not too long ago, I was in their shoes.

Gratituesdays: My Birthday.

27 years ago today, my wonderful mother got up, went to the hospital…and 12 hours later I made my entrance into the world 🙂 And for her patience, since day one, I am extremely grateful.

Today I was also reminded of how much love I have in my life. The phone calls and messages were just a small reminder of how blessed I truly am. Ending Christmas vacation with my birthday was a nice, reflective close to the break and a great way to start a new semester.

I’m thankful for the birthday wishes and the sweet words. I’m thankful that this weekend, I’ll once again get to go out and celebrate with our amazing family of friends. And I’m thankful that I’ve made it to 27 and, hopefully, this year will continue to look less like I would have planned and more like God has planned.

And this is my first Gratituesday of the year. Will you join me in taking time each week to be grateful in your life?