My Kind of Truck.

This weekend was the third annual Columbus Food Truck Fest held at the Columbus Commons (one of my FAVE summer spots in cbus.) I couldn’t imagine a better end-of-summer weekend. The temperature was perfect, I started the morning with outdoor yoga, took a walk along the river and had this for lunch.

Only one of the greatest festival foods I could imagine, as confirmed by the mile-long line I stood in (but totally worth it and actually incredibly fast-moving.)

But then we walked past it. Perhaps one of the most ingenious ideas I’ve seen in a while. The Boutique Truck.


LADIES. This is a STORE ON WHEELS. Can I get an amen?!

Kimmy and I walked right in (because it said to come in!) and were in immediate heaven. We talked with Catherine, the truck’s owner, and I assured her that she is definitely onto something. Inside you can shop for everything from maxi dresses (hello, my favorite!) to leggings and accessories. She even has a fitting room. It truly felt like walking into a personal closet. Aside from just festivals, The Boutique Truck can be reserved for at-home parties, bachelorette parties, etc. A store that will come to my house so my friends and I can shop in our own driveway while drinking wine and hanging out? Sign me up!



My lovely friend, yoga partner, city gallivant-er and model, Kimmy!

Catherine said she just started the truck this summer and hopes to continue even into the winter. Y’all, you need to check this out next time you see it on the street. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love me some food trucks. But, what a fun idea! Kimmy and I walked out saying, “What else can we put in a truck?!” We’re still working on the next big thing.

Congrats to Catherine and The Boutique Truck on such a great idea! I’m so glad you’ve brought this to Columbus and I look forward to visiting again soon (hopefully when I’m less sweaty and can actually try some things on!)

How was your weekend? How are you spending these last weeks of summer before we enter the most wonderful time of the year? (FALL.)


Office Lunch Date 2.0

I feel pretty confident to say that I have probably some of the best coworkers a girl could ever ask for. We work unbelievably hard; which means we also like to play hard. Fortunately, summer is a time when our schedule lightens a little bit. There are fewer events and late nights required. So, we try to tie in as much fun as possible during these months.

Enter, office lunch dates. A few weeks ago we went to the North Market, one of the most iconic places in Columbus (in my opinion) and one of my favorites. Today, we tried out a new feature, Food Truck Food Court at the Columbus Commons.

Food Trucks!

The Columbus Commons is an amazing new green space built in downtown Columbus. The city is doing an amazing job of utilizing it throughout the summer, through concerts, family events and free group fitness classes, among other options. My favorite quality of Columbus is that there is SO much to do. Summer is one of the greatest seasons to take advantage of all the entertainment and culture the city has to offer.

Food Truck Food Court takes place every Thursday, so make sure you check it out!

Ok, now I know you’re wondering what we ate! Alecia and I went for Tatoheads. She got the Mediterranean sweet potato fries, looked yum-o. I opted for the chili cheese fries, with vegan chili. So good!

My chili cheese fries.

David got an awesome salad from Pitabilities.

JT, winning our prize for most trucks visited, had The Royale from The Cheesy Truck (which he ate before I got a photo of it) and a second sandwich from the Market District truck.

Sandwich #2.

Lunch date success! The weather was beautiful and the food was delicious. Here we are with our bellies full before we left to head back to the office.

JT, myself, David and Alecia. A happy, full team!

A few tips I have from our experience:

Plan for the time. The trucks are available from 11-2. Expect some lines and some wait time for the food to be prepared (it’s so good and fresh!) We went right at noon but I would consider going right at 11 or after 1 to avoid the crowds a little more.

Make it a team effort. There are a lot of good options! If you go with a group, try to order from different trucks so you get the opportunity to sample a lot of the different choices.

Seating. The Commons offers a lot of tables/chairs and even some that have umbrellas. But, again, it’s somewhat crowded. Stake out a table early to make sure you can fit your group. Or, I would even consider taking a blanket and sitting in the grass…there’s a ton of space!

I hope to go back again, I’m loving all the food trucks we have around the city. I highly recommend trying it for yourself some Thursday.

We are currently taking suggestions for Office Lunch Date 3.0…any suggestions?

Gratituesdays: Staycation 2012.

One of the best ideas I’ve had. A whole week to myself. To catch up with friends, sleep in, work around the house (which since I’ve moved in a month ago, I have not actually spent much time in) and visit my momma. And most of all, I’m spending a lot of time snuggling with this…

Yes, I’m adorable with my old man eyebrows. Pay attention to me, human.

I am so very thankful that I have ample vacation time with my job benefits. I’m also thankful for friends with unconventional schedules so I can share this time with them as well 🙂

Happy Tuesday, lovelies…how is your summer kicking off??

Village Valuables.

This past weekend was the PERFECT weather to be outside. Summer always reminds me of why I love living in Columbus. There’s so much to do…and most of the time it’s free or really inexpensive!

Saturday morning we embarked on an adventure I had never gone on before…Village Valuables. Village Valuables is a district wide yard sale in German Village (only my absolute favorite area of Columbus!) So, up and at ’em early, we set out to enjoy the day and go on a treasure hunt.

I ended up with a small treasure…this old picture frame I got for $1.

Thanks to Bryan, who is not in this picture because he was too busy being our set designer and photographer.

We also stopped at Winan’s for some caffeine (remember I said it was early.) All in all it was a great morning with great friends. I consider myself a pretty experienced yard saler (sale-r? That’s not really a word) and I would highly recommend going next year if you’ve never been. My #1 piece of advice though is to go early…beat the crowds, the parking and you get the best pick!

Now, I may have only scored the picture frame, but I did spot the greatest yard sale treasure of all time. For a small fee, we found the world’s best play kitchen for little Savannah (her momma Tess is in the middle in the photo above). Since I don’t have my own kids, I have to live vicariously through others. Just look, could absolutely not be any cuter.

Note the sassy popped knee and princess leotard (which Tess also found at Village Valuables.) She’s one of my favorites.

And that my friends is what we call yard sale success. Do you have any favorite summertime traditions or events?