Operation Kitchen: The Seven Day Upgrade.

It’s done!!! At least for now. People keep telling me that there’s always something to work on in a house, and I officially believe it. I think I could always come up with a new project or something to replace. But, I think this week satisfied my home renovation bug for QUITE a while.

If you’ll recall, last week I wrote this post about the plan for the kitchen. At the time, the kitchen looked like this:

It was “fine.” But, it was nothing to get excited about. I love being in the kitchen, so it needs to be fun. So, without further delay, I give you my kitchen seven days later…





It’s so light! I feel like I’m walking into an entirely new house. I am beside myself with how well it came out. Here’s what we did:

-Removed cabinet from above the refrigerator
-Painted walls light blue
-Made and hung roman shades on both windows (my momma made these herself!)
-Painted cabinets white, replaced hinges and installed pulls.
-Hung spice racks (which are really picture ledges from Ikea for under $10!!)

Projects still to be worked on in the kitchen someday:
-I have two sets of Elfa shelves from the Container store to hang; one between the door and window (for canisters and baking goods) and one over the fridge to replace the large cabinet. I’m a little worried about how they’ll mount on walls (which seem to be really thin) but I REALLY want the storage space.
-Replace light fixture over the sink
-Make shade to cover window on the back door
-Replace kitchen faucet

BIG THANKS to my mom who worked diligently for a week, both on this project and my backyard. And to Daisy, who had to endure hours of being shut in the bedroom while we worked.

That was my week (exhausting but fulfilling)…how was your week??