The View from Where I Sit, Part 2.

As I look out at our very large, very overgrown backyard, I can’t help but think,

“Man. I’m really glad Dennis will take care of most of this.” Ha.

(No, but really.)

Let’s back up a bit. So in February this happened:



Then not too long after, this happened:


And the past few months have been a flurry of house buying, engagement pictures, house selling, contractors, wedding planning, Home Depot, MORE contractors, MORE HOME DEPOT.

By the end of 2015, I will have changed my marital status, my last name, my address, and perhaps most importantly, finally become an Amazon Prime member.

Not going to lie, I worry a little bit that this year is filled with so much good stuff that future years are bound to be a disappointment. But deep down I know that’s not possibly true. There is still so much to discover and learn about life. And I’m looking forward to having some one else to explore all of that with.

And from where I sit today?


This is the actual view from our bedroom. It’s a real problem because all I want to do is sit here all day and drink coffee and write.

Everything’s looking pretty lovely.

The View from Where I Sit, Part 1.


The view from where I sit is, well, a little desolate. A shell.

I’m sitting on the floor of my little Blue Cottage. Empty, except for the curtains that I designed and created with my mom. Looking at the walls I spent hours painting, the kitchen cabinets I refinished. The vision I had for my first little house as a 27-year-old.

And I’m about to hand it all off to another young woman who, I’m sure, has her own visions and dreams of what life here will be like.

It’s funny how quickly things can seem to change.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. Change is exactly what I was hoping for. I had been praying and planning that my time here would be temporary. That sometime in the near future I would get to move up to a bigger, more permanent house (check) with a husband (almost check) and some chubby babies (let’s not move that fast…)

It’s just that it’s exactly as hard as everyone always tells you it’s going to be. Shocking. Giving up your individual identity. Compromising your space, and style, and routine for someone else. Giving up “my” things for “our” things.

It’s a strange, difficult feeling. Right? Or am I alone in this? The feeling that everything that you’ve been wanting is finally coming together, but that life is moving just steam-rolling along and taking you with it?

If you’re confused it’s because a whole year of my life has passed and I haven’t been writing. It’s been HUGE. 2015, the year of turning 30, has not been a disappointment. More details in Part 2!

The Peppermint Mocha Chronicles: First Snow.

So happy that today is not only the first day or winter but our first real snow of the season! I love snow at Christmas time. It’s also my first time enjoying snow from inside my new house 🙂 Happy to see it through the window but not really looking forward to future snows and shoveling…


How is your holiday prep coming along?

Operation Kitchen: The Seven Day Upgrade.

It’s done!!! At least for now. People keep telling me that there’s always something to work on in a house, and I officially believe it. I think I could always come up with a new project or something to replace. But, I think this week satisfied my home renovation bug for QUITE a while.

If you’ll recall, last week I wrote this post about the plan for the kitchen. At the time, the kitchen looked like this:

It was “fine.” But, it was nothing to get excited about. I love being in the kitchen, so it needs to be fun. So, without further delay, I give you my kitchen seven days later…





It’s so light! I feel like I’m walking into an entirely new house. I am beside myself with how well it came out. Here’s what we did:

-Removed cabinet from above the refrigerator
-Painted walls light blue
-Made and hung roman shades on both windows (my momma made these herself!)
-Painted cabinets white, replaced hinges and installed pulls.
-Hung spice racks (which are really picture ledges from Ikea for under $10!!)

Projects still to be worked on in the kitchen someday:
-I have two sets of Elfa shelves from the Container store to hang; one between the door and window (for canisters and baking goods) and one over the fridge to replace the large cabinet. I’m a little worried about how they’ll mount on walls (which seem to be really thin) but I REALLY want the storage space.
-Replace light fixture over the sink
-Make shade to cover window on the back door
-Replace kitchen faucet

BIG THANKS to my mom who worked diligently for a week, both on this project and my backyard. And to Daisy, who had to endure hours of being shut in the bedroom while we worked.

That was my week (exhausting but fulfilling)…how was your week??

Operation Kitchen.

This week begins Operation Get Rid of the Pink Kitchen. Now don’t get me wrong…I LOVE pink. Just not in my kitchen which is themed around this pretty little thing…

My baby.

Currently, my kitchen looks like this…

And here’s a little bit of the plan…

I’m most worried about painting the cabinets…but I’ve done my research so here’s hoping it goes better than I expect! Luckily my mom is coming to visit for the week and I’ll be keeping her busy 🙂 Updates to come for sure!

Happy week, friends!