Gratituesdays: Reminder.

I’ve had kind of a rough past week and, admittedly, gratitude was not always in the front of my mind. But then I found this little phrase that reminded me of the exact inspiration what started the Gratituesday posts.

So as a reminder to myself, this week I’m focusing on being thankful for all that I have and not being frustrated for what I feel I’m lacking. Because in my heart of hearts, I believe in God’s perfect plan and timing (even if it is UBER-frustrating to be patient for that.) And there is nothing else I could ever want more than His unending love.

How are your Gratituesdays going?

Gratituesdays: My Birthday.

27 years ago today, my wonderful mother got up, went to the hospital…and 12 hours later I made my entrance into the world 🙂 And for her patience, since day one, I am extremely grateful.

Today I was also reminded of how much love I have in my life. The phone calls and messages were just a small reminder of how blessed I truly am. Ending Christmas vacation with my birthday was a nice, reflective close to the break and a great way to start a new semester.

I’m thankful for the birthday wishes and the sweet words. I’m thankful that this weekend, I’ll once again get to go out and celebrate with our amazing family of friends. And I’m thankful that I’ve made it to 27 and, hopefully, this year will continue to look less like I would have planned and more like God has planned.

And this is my first Gratituesday of the year. Will you join me in taking time each week to be grateful in your life?