My Spontaneous Bedroom Update.

Once upon a time…about eight months ago…I bought a little house. And at first, I was an uber nester. Painting, decorating, organizing, you name it. And then…life got back to normal and got busy. And my settling in sort of came to a halt. And I continued to spend my nights sleeping in the peach bedroom with leftover curtains from the previous owners. Not terrible, just not…me.

This is where Thanksgiving vacation saves the day! I took the whole week off work and decided that before I traveled to visit my mom, I would complete my much-anticipated bedroom project. And 24 hours later, it was done! I purposely told everyone I talked to that I was going to paint my room, that way I knew I had no choice (major key to persuasion…if you claim something publicly, you are far more likely to stick with it whether you want to or not!) I had been collecting wall art and my mom was finishing my drapes, so I knew that painting was the key to get everything moving.

I don’t really have a good before picture but use your imagination: Peach walls and mismatched brown curtains.

I still have a few more pieces to add; a new hamper and some final wall pieces, but overall I LOVE how it came out! It’s incredible how great a little white paint can feel.

I already had my bedding from my apartment, so everything was designed off of that. A great buy from Target!

Drapes that my awesome momma made…after months (and months) of searching for curtains, I finally found this green and white striped fabric. These are incredible, they’re my favorite part!

I’m still trying to decide how to finish this wall over the dresser…any suggestions?

Close-up of the collage over my bed. I made some of the pictures by framing random fabrics. I bought the prints, both are Proverbs 31 verses, from Rachel Jasper Design and Amen Designs on Etsy. And my sweet friend Shannon made me the framed picture with my name (she’s made them for all of us through the years.)

My DIY project! My $1 picture frame from a garage sale this summer turned necklace holder.

What have you been working on lately? Anything fun?