For the Love of Layers.

Fall is undoubtedly my favorite season for fashion and for one simple reason…


Maybe it’s because I’m naturally cold-blooded and value the warmth. Maybe it’s because layering allows me to get more wear out of my clothes. Either way, it’s so fun!

I get a lot of comments and questions about my fall wardrobe, so I thought I’d share a little bit. Here are my top tips for layering:

1.) Don’t be afraid of color. Despite what you think, bold colors can go together. Just make sure you use prints and accessories sparingly.

2.) It’s about proportions. Know your body and know what shapes and lengths flatter you. If you’re going to wear long layers on the top (tunic, long sweater, dress) then skinnies on the bottom are probably your best bet. If you’re going shorter or slimmer on the top, maybe try a flared skirt and wider jeans.

3.) Put a belt on it. Cinch in that cute waist of yours. When you wear several layers, it’s easy to start feeling like the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man. A belt can not only be a great accessory, but it can pull the outfit together and make it look tailored and finished.

4.) Own it. Somewhere along the line I stopped really caring if other people liked my clothes. I think it was towards the end of high school; when I used to wear my royal blue, sequined show choir dress to school for performances, layered over plaid flannel pants and a zip-up hoodie (I’m just going to let you sit with that hot mental image for a few.) If you feel good in what you’re wearing, and it’s flattering to you, then you look good. Don’t get hung up on trends. Trends change every season. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Find your own style and own it. Be classy.

In case you need some inspiration, here are some of my faves from Pinterest!

There you go, pretties. Go forth and layer up!

My Kind of Truck.

This weekend was the third annual Columbus Food Truck Fest held at the Columbus Commons (one of my FAVE summer spots in cbus.) I couldn’t imagine a better end-of-summer weekend. The temperature was perfect, I started the morning with outdoor yoga, took a walk along the river and had this for lunch.

Only one of the greatest festival foods I could imagine, as confirmed by the mile-long line I stood in (but totally worth it and actually incredibly fast-moving.)

But then we walked past it. Perhaps one of the most ingenious ideas I’ve seen in a while. The Boutique Truck.


LADIES. This is a STORE ON WHEELS. Can I get an amen?!

Kimmy and I walked right in (because it said to come in!) and were in immediate heaven. We talked with Catherine, the truck’s owner, and I assured her that she is definitely onto something. Inside you can shop for everything from maxi dresses (hello, my favorite!) to leggings and accessories. She even has a fitting room. It truly felt like walking into a personal closet. Aside from just festivals, The Boutique Truck can be reserved for at-home parties, bachelorette parties, etc. A store that will come to my house so my friends and I can shop in our own driveway while drinking wine and hanging out? Sign me up!



My lovely friend, yoga partner, city gallivant-er and model, Kimmy!

Catherine said she just started the truck this summer and hopes to continue even into the winter. Y’all, you need to check this out next time you see it on the street. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love me some food trucks. But, what a fun idea! Kimmy and I walked out saying, “What else can we put in a truck?!” We’re still working on the next big thing.

Congrats to Catherine and The Boutique Truck on such a great idea! I’m so glad you’ve brought this to Columbus and I look forward to visiting again soon (hopefully when I’m less sweaty and can actually try some things on!)

How was your weekend? How are you spending these last weeks of summer before we enter the most wonderful time of the year? (FALL.)

And the color of the year is.

Last week Pantone released its color of the year for 2013 (I honestly didn’t know this was a thing, but the artsy side of me got really excited when I found out it was.) And to my surprise, it was a color I’ve been rocking most of the fall!

Emerald Green. Who knew I was so trendy? In honor of the recent announcement, I thought I’d share some of my favorite emerald outfits from this fall and winter. I was saving them for a later post but decided they fit they occasion too well to wait.

Green skinny jeans from H&;M (Yes, I often run around and pretend I’m Peter Pan when I wear these)
Navy and white striped top from Target
Brown booties from DSW

Sweet navy/ivory/emerald shift dress from Old Navy ($19!), navy tights and navy shoes from DSW

Sweet navy/ivory/emerald shift dress from Old Navy ($19!)
Navy tights
Navy shoes from DSW

My favorite new power suit. Jacket from H&M (they LOVE this color this season as well), striped tank from the Ann Taylor outlet, black skirt from The Limited, black tights, and black oxford heels from DSW (which I comfortably had already kicked off before this photo)

My favorite new power suit. Jacket from H&M (they LOVE this color this season as well)
Necklace from my lovely friend Breena
Striped tank from the Ann Taylor outlet
Black skirt from The Limited
Black tights
Black oxford heels from DSW (which I comfortably had already kicked off before this photo)

Blog 5

You guessed it…our favorites from H&M again. HUGE sale the other day on this little green and black sweater dress.
Black tights
Black belt and boots, both of which I’ve had for so long I can’t remember where I got them.

Blog 2

Yep, I love the Peter Pan pants 🙂 They’re good for layering in the winter
Boot socks made out of old sweater sleeves (seriously, it’s SO easy)
Black boots from Aldo.

What are your thoughts on the green? Love or hate? Do you have your own color of the year?