The Girl in the Mirror.

Hello, sweet friends.

I was feeling kind of introspective this weekend. Do you ever have those moods (No? Just me? Thought so.)

A couple of weekends ago I volunteered to model in a photo shoot for a local Columbus designer and blogger, the lovely and talented Allie Lehman.

When she sent me the shots, I was pretty impressed with myself. (Ok, I’m not going to lie. I couldn’t stop looking at myself.)

Hello (2)Damn, girl. You’re kinda hot. 

It’s not every day you get the chance to have professional photos taken. It’s fun!  Feeling pretty is fun. Getting “likes” on your new profile picture is fun. Looking like I just showed up in a park, with perfectly curled hair under the perfect beam of sunlight is fun.

But totally unrealistic.

Then I started to feel a little bit of guilt sink in. We all know this is how life in the year 2013 works; we post the best and the brightest moments of our lives online. We filter everything. We get jealous of the lives we see people live, even though we probably haven’t actually lived real life with them for years (or maybe ever.) There are studies which show we’re actually more alone and miserable even though we’re more connected than ever.

So I wanted to make sure I was real with you. I love that girl up in those photos. But I’m also totally crazy in love with this little lady…

In case you’re wondering, my shirt says “Jump on Board the D-Ship”…we made them for our Discipleship Team in college…we thought we were REALLY witty…

It’s really important to me that you know that. And not so you’ll think that I’m some self-righteous, got-it-all-together, saint of a human.

But because I want to make sure you know that life’s not about the wrapping. I love to talk about clothes and hair and makeup, style, shoes, you name it. It’s fun to me. It’s a way to express yourself – kind of like art. But I don’t go to those things to feel complete. I think it’s necessary that you love yourself without all of that.

And I would be doing a disservice to you, and myself, if I just hid behind a computer and pretended to be that first girl all the time. If I just sat here and only shared my filtered, edited, cream of the crop parts. Trust me, I have a lot more mediocre moments than I do picture-perfect ones.

Let’s be real, people! This is life; good, bad and fresh-out-of-the-shower-with-wet-hair. Life’s too short to hide your true self and try to be someone else. Go take a good long look in the mirror and repeat after me. Damn. You’re kinda hot. 

The Mom Bag.

If you’re in your twenties, there’s one party you’re probably very familiar with attending. The bridal party.

We have a pretty solid Team Bridesmaid among our group of friends. In fact, we’re almost professional at this point. As I prep for another wedding weekend, I found myself packing what has become one of my signature accessories.

The mom bag.

That’s right, the survival kit. The bag full of fixes for “oh no” and “ouch” and my personal favorite, “damnit.”

So I thought I’d share my packing list with you and see if you have any additions. Hopefully it comes in handy the next time you find yourself heading to the chapel!

1. Personal Care
Bandaids – For cuts or really uncomfortable shoes.

Cuticle scissors
Nail file
Floss – You can use it to clean your teeth and cut the cake (seriously, amazing trick.)
Fingernail clippers
Clear nail polish – Saves everything from chipped nails to runs in pantyhose.

2. Wardrobe Malfunctions (no one likes those)
White chalk – secret trick: white chalk will cover up dirt spots or smudges on a wedding dress!
Straight pins
Safety pins
Thread (white, ivory and the bridesmaid dress color)
Dress tape – Ladies…if you haven’t discovered the magic of dress tape yet, do so. I swear by it. Holds everything where it should be.
Static Guard – Thanks to my friend Shan, I love this stuff.

3. Emergency supplies
Super glue
Packing tape (usually I would say duct tape but I don’t have any)
If you can’t fix and emergency with these two things, you’re in trouble.

4. Nutrients
Water bottle
Snacks (I literally only have these protein bars and a bag of airplane peanuts in my cupboard…travel season has won this round.) – Make sure you have something on hand in case somebody gets sick or light headed. Also, make sure your bride eats!

5. Randoms
Notebook paper


Items I added later that I forgot in the photo: Hairspray, extra bobby pins, nail polish remover

Happy wedding-ing, friends! Don’t forget the important things like your shoes, dress and a smile! Do you have any additions or extra tips and tricks?