About Heather.

View More: http://allisonlehman.pass.us/heatherI’m eclectic. I wear a lot of hats (actually, shoes is probably more accurate)

Young Professional.

I love the Lord. I love the arts. I try to love cooking. I’m a pseudo fashionista. I’m a DIY diva with a power drill. I’m a communication nerd and a grammar obsessor. In my dreams (and in my car),  I’m a Broadway star. I think people are the most fascinating thing on the planet. I think YOU are the most incredible person ever (you, yes you reading this right now. Let’s get coffee and talk about it.) I’m sassy and sarcastic and if it was economical, I would spend my days giving out hugs and loving people (but that doesn’t really pay my mortgage…)

So this is my journey. I’m a 20-something mid western girl. I live in an amazing city. I have a cute little house, two spoiled kitties, best friends who have become family and faith in a perfect God. I’m exploring this Myriad Life one day at a time. And I choose joy. 

Won’t you walk along with me? Let’s do this thing called life together, because that’s way more fun than doing it alone!

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