This Has Been the Fastest Year of My Life.

I’ve written exactly 4 blog posts in 2014. In case math is not really your thing, that number is really not good.

One year ago a made a decision out of left field to leave my second job in six months. I moved into a new industry with new responsibilities. It’s been a wild ride. Most days I feel like it’s been 2 days and 20 years all at the same time.

Everyday is hilarious and terrifying and frustrating and worth it.

I spontaneously start crying significantly more than I used to. I drink a lot more wine than ever before. And I get to spend my days with some of the most intelligent and inspiring people I’ve ever known.

It’s all good.

Then January hit. I turned 29 and realized that was one before thirty (MORE MATH.) I decided this year should probably be momentous in some way.

The Movement Mission had its first annual performance in February. We raised almost $13,000 for Melanoma research. And we’ve already started rehearsals for year two.

Towards the end of winter I met this pretty great guy (COLLECTIVE GASP) and he’s turned the past six months into quite the journey.

And 2014 brought babies. SO MANY BABIES. And more on the way. Hooray!

And now we’re to fall. My favorite time of year. Yes, I’m that girl who can’t stop talking about boots and scarves and walking around outside with coffee.

So here’s a few things I’ve been thinking about lately –

1. I just cracked open this book over the weekend and can’t put it down. Great recommendation from a consultant who recently spoke to us at work.



2. I’m on a personal mission to find the perfect poncho sweater. I will find it. Suggestions welcomed.

3. We’re visiting LA in late October for a wedding. If you have any must-do’s, send them my way!

4. I can’t stop listening to this song. Aloe Blacc is a new obsession.




5. Fall parties, apple picking, the impending holidays. All of the things. 

What’s on your radar? What’s making your heart skip a beat lately? Lets catch up, old friends. And lets not let this much time pass the next time.

4 thoughts on “This Has Been the Fastest Year of My Life.

  1. I’ve missed your posts! Like you, I hit 29 and realized I’ve been spending too many years acting too grown up so I’m going to spend my last year before turning 30 doing all the things I’ve been too practical to do. Like wearing bright red lipstick. And buying big, bold costume jewelry. And taking long baths.

    It sounds like life has been good to you!

    • Liz, you’re always so sweet. I love that the blog world lets us keep up with each other’s lives 🙂 Hope your getting settled in the new location and that your 29th year is a grand adventure as well!

  2. I love LA! I would definitely do some hiking. Runyon Canyon and the Griffith Observatory trails are both great. The Hollywood Bowl is amazing if you have time to see a show. The Getty offers a beautiful space and usually interesting exhibits. Visit Mozza for some amazing pizza. I could go on and on! Have a fantastic trip!

    • Thanks, Heather! Terrific suggestions. I’m getting really excited for this trip. We’ve already got Getty and Griffith Observatory on the list. If you have any other restaurant musts, email them my way. Picking places to eat always gives me the most stress!

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