Hit the road, Jack.

This week commences a very important time of year at work…travel season.

Travel season is me and my car against the high schools of America. It’s a month and a half of college fairs, visits, dinner receptions, Hampton Inn and coffee (a lot of coffee.) And sadly, I see Panera more than my friends. Travel can be daunting, especially when you’re by yourself most of the time. But, I’ve devised an important list of travel prep through the years that helps me stay sane.

Happy Traveler Prep:

1) Clean the house. Thoroughly. Dust, sweep, put the dishes away, change the sheets. There is NOTHING nicer than coming home to a clean house, having a clean shower and crawling into your own, clean bed. It took me a couple of years to learn this one, but it’s at the top of my list.

2) Black or Brown. Pick one. Belts, shoes, accessories, everything coordinates. By sticking with one color scheme, I can streamline my packing. My outfits mix and match so I can get more combinations out of a few pieces. And speaking of packing…

3) Always have a pair of flats. I always have two pairs of shoes in my car during travel; heels and flats. Mostly because I learned really quick that dragging suitcases and boxes into a college fair is only fun in heels for so long (about 2 minutes.)

4) Take your blankie. What I mean by this is to have a security object. Something that makes you feel comfortable and at home. For me this is a big, warm cardigan sweater and a scarf. I’m always cold, and so when I’m not actually wearing work clothes, I want to be able to wrap up and be warm and comfortable. And if you do happen to have an actual blankie, my hat is off to you.

5) Put a trash bag in your car. For the love of it all, nothing is worse than sitting in a car cluttered with coffee cups, tissues, tollbooth tickets and receipts (which I should be saving for credit card statements!) I always keep a trash bag in my front seat so I can keep the garbage to a minimum.

With the right planning, I can arrive home at the end of the week exhausted, but relaxed. It makes me feel 10x better to know that my life is in order even when I’m not here.

Happy traveling! What are your savvy traveler secrets?


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