Gratituesdays: Friday Night.

Last Friday night I was sitting at home (very social of me, right?) annoyed that I was, well, at home. I was mad that there were things I wanted to go do but no one was free to go with me. And I was watching a movie that to be honest, I now can’t even remember.

And then I got a text from Breena. We potentially had plans but she never got back to me so I assumed it didn’t work with her schedule. Her text was an apology, she had gone to the ER again with her little boy, Ezekial, who has been making this trip a lot lately. You can read more about that on her blog, and her husband Andy’s blog.

Anyway, I asked her if she needed any help and her response was yes. She was at the hospital and she didn’t have a car, so Andy was going to wake their three other kids up in order to go get her. Wait, what? My exact response was “that’s silly.” Of course it would be a million times easier for me to make the trip…not to mention I really needed a purpose in my night, so off I went!

When I got to the hospital, Breena thought they were almost done, so I opted to sit outside (it was a beautiful night!) instead of going through the full security protocol (where I would still be sitting in the waiting room by myself anyway.) Buuuutt, an hour later, I was still sitting there. Breena kept texting me apologies and I assured her it was not a problem at all. I was literally having a blast sitting outside enjoying the night, listening to a nearby high school football game (which is one of my FAVORITE things about fall!) and talking about the weather with my new friend Tom (we shared a bench while his family was getting the car.)

My gratitude comes from the entire situation. Obviously, I’m not grateful Zeke continues to have to be rushed to the ER; but I am SO THANKFUL for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. What an incredible place right in our backyard. But more than anything, I’m thankful for God’s reminder that though I was feeling very alone, He needed me right there. And He gave me some time to enjoy the situation and remind me that He love me above anything else.

And then I got to dance in the car with Zeke on the way home 🙂

What are you grateful for this week, friends?

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2 thoughts on “Gratituesdays: Friday Night.

  1. I often find myself forgetting to be thankful for the things I once prayed so fervently to receive. I’m making a conscious effort to be more specific in my prayers so I notice when God’s hand moves. When I was pregnant with B, we thought she was going to be born very, very premature and we prayed with such intensity and insistence that she be born healthy – and she was, an entire week late. Of course at the time, we were overjoyed and thankful for that blessing but as the weeks, months and now years have gone by I’ve found myself forgetting to be thankful. I’m thankful for two incredibly healthy children and for a God who listens and blesses us despite who we are.

    • What a great story, Liz…thanks for sharing! It’s hard sometimes to remember the good in the midst of the stressful. I’ve tried at various points in my life to write my prayers out, so I can go back and look at what I was feeling or how they have changed…to give myself reminders.

      I hope you all are doing well down south!

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