Operation Kitchen Phase 1: The Kitchen Cart

While I was on staycation a couple of weeks ago, I decided to start working on my kitchen. I had been looking for a kitchen cart to replace the current stand left by the sellers. I was incredibly grateful they let me keep what was here, but I really wanted something that was a) on wheels so I could use it when cooking and b) had a cabinet component so I could store appliances in it. So after a pretty thorough search online, I found just what I wanted! And i came home to two VERY large boxes on my back porch…

Right? Well, I obviously got them inside, but trust me, it was a site to be seen. Anyway, after opening both boxes and laying out the pieces, I had this…

Oh my. I actually LOVE putting furniture together. It’s like a puzzle. And this was a pretty good buy; the directions were simple to follow and most of the pieces went together well. However, it did get serious a time or two…

After an hour or so of work {almost} all the screws went into place and I had a free-standing, rolling cart complete with cabinet, drawers and towel racks. I’m thrilled! Take a look at the before and after…

And to top it all off…I put the old shelf out in the front yard and it was gone in 15 minutes! My new favorite hobby is to see how long it takes giveaways to be picked up from the curb. Oh the small joys of living in the city!


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