Village Valuables.

This past weekend was the PERFECT weather to be outside. Summer always reminds me of why I love living in Columbus. There’s so much to do…and most of the time it’s free or really inexpensive!

Saturday morning we embarked on an adventure I had never gone on before…Village Valuables. Village Valuables is a district wide yard sale in German Village (only my absolute favorite area of Columbus!) So, up and at ’em early, we set out to enjoy the day and go on a treasure hunt.

I ended up with a small treasure…this old picture frame I got for $1.

Thanks to Bryan, who is not in this picture because he was too busy being our set designer and photographer.

We also stopped at Winan’s for some caffeine (remember I said it was early.) All in all it was a great morning with great friends. I consider myself a pretty experienced yard saler (sale-r? That’s not really a word) and I would highly recommend going next year if you’ve never been. My #1 piece of advice though is to go early…beat the crowds, the parking and you get the best pick!

Now, I may have only scored the picture frame, but I did spot the greatest yard sale treasure of all time. For a small fee, we found the world’s best play kitchen for little Savannah (her momma Tess is in the middle in the photo above). Since I don’t have my own kids, I have to live vicariously through others. Just look, could absolutely not be any cuter.

Note the sassy popped knee and princess leotard (which Tess also found at Village Valuables.) She’s one of my favorites.

And that my friends is what we call yard sale success. Do you have any favorite summertime traditions or events?


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