Adventures in Owning a House.

It’s official. As of April 9, I became a homeowner. In my entire life, I’ve never wondered if I’m this crazy. But so far, so good. One thing’s for sure, I couldn’t have done it without my FABulous realtor, Gloria. If you’re in the market to buy a house in Columbus, call her! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

So here it is, my own little blue house…

The past few weeks have been a pretty consistent game of “what’s that?” and “what do I do with this?” and my personal favorite “it’s not going to fit there.” One big trip to the Container Store and several deliveries from Amazon later…I still haven’t figured out how to settle everything. But, it will happen. I’m confident. And that’s kind of the fun in this journey…discovering the home in the house.

One of my favorite moments was discovering this little guys…(ignore the painter’s tape.)

Guess on what it is? The most popular has been an old mail slot. Or the door to Narnia. Clearly, the latter would be the greatest option.

I’m still recovering from getting a house and an MBA in the same week. I’m not sure I’ve quite wrapped my brain around all the new adventures waiting ahead of me. But I know they are coming and I know I’m ready to take them on. So here we go!


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