My Favorite Admission Question #1.

Parents often ask me, “What is the best school for X major?” or “What is your school known for?” And I could give answers based on statistics or my personal opinion for these, but my common answer is similar to this…

Yes, some universities are known for specific programs. But each student is unique and has a school that is the right fit for him or her. So what if a certain college is ranked #1 in a degree program? If the school doesn’t fit your student’s personality, it isn’t the #1 program for him or her. It must be a personal decision. It’s about the student experience and learning environment. If you are a student who thrives on personal attention, getting to know your classmates and professors, and getting one-on-one help anytime you need it, a large, research-based school where you’ll be in a lecture hall of hundreds of students may not be the best fit for you, regardless of how acclaimed the program is. And at the same time, that school I just described might sound perfect to another student. It’s different for everyone.

All schools have their pros and cons. So explore your options. Visit. Ask LOTS of questions. Get a good feel for a school and find “home”…which will look different for every student. And that’s ok.


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