I Declare This Week “Eat Out Of My Own Kitchen” Week.

Why you ask?

Because my freezer looks like this…

And my pantry looks like this…

I have so much random food in this apartment! I’ve been stocking my freezer for months with chili, stew, soup, leftovers…and for some reason I never eat it. But the time has come, my friends, to stop stocking up and start enjoying! So I have declared this week “Eat Out Of My Own Kitchen” week…also known as the week that I give the grocery store a break (except for a few fresh staples as needed.) Each week it seems like I buy more food and avoid what I’ve already got waiting for me.

Already tonight I’ve made lasagna (with leftovers for the next day or so) completely out of ingredients in my kitchen.  With a little creativity, I’m confident I will use up some ingredients in my fridge/pantry and eat up some meals from my freezer…at which point I can then enjoy making new recipes to restock 🙂

I’ll try to update later this week on how my mission went. But I’d love to hear from you, what are your meal planning/use-up-random-ingredient-and-leftovers secrets?

6 thoughts on “I Declare This Week “Eat Out Of My Own Kitchen” Week.

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  2. I’m doing much the same thing this month (Yeah, I have that much food sitting here.) I buy fresh food to supplement, but nothing prepared. Nothing canned, boxed or bagged. I started doing this on the first and based on the way my cabinet looked this morning I may extend it through February with a couple of alterations (I get to buy some things I use regularly, like lemon juice and V8.)

    I just finished a post on this subject (http://tracyrowan.org/persimmonfrost/?p=2707) which is how I found yours. I’m, glad to see I’m not the only one! Good luck.

      • I’m just about ready to commit to it, Heather. I’ll definitely be posting about it, and I’ll be watching your progress, too.

        I’m really surprised and pleased by how many people are speaking up and saying that this is something they’ve resolved to do, or something they’re now thinking seriously about doing.

        Go us!

  3. I read about something similar–a clean your pantry challenge type thing. I’m doing it out of necessity–I leave in a month from Korea, so I don’t want any food still here. Unfortunately, I have about 8 packs of ramen left soooo…..

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