Gratituesdays: The best office ever.

This week I’m reminded of how much I love my job. After two weeks of vacation, coming back to work can be a little rough around the edges. But when you work with some of the best coworkers anyone could ask for, it’s a little easier.

No matter how stressful our jobs get, how busy we are with travel or events, we always seem to squeeze in a little fun. Whether it’s smashing gingerbread houses, or teaching each other the latest dance move, fun is definitely the basis of our productivity. Work hard, play hard.

I’m beyond grateful for how comfortable I am in the office. I know everyone is working as hard as they can. And I know that anyone would step up to the plate to help me out in a crisis, work related or not. I think that trust and balance is what allows us to each our highest potential; drama is low and morale is usually high. We can each simply be the expert at our position and work our hardest.

Second semester is already off and running…it’s the marathon to May 1 now!

Really...we're smart, fun AND this good looking...what's not to love?


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